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Hammond Smeallie & Co. Pty. Ltd. has been established since 1971 at Hornsby, New South Wales, and is involved in a wide range of cadastral, topographical and engineering surveys.

Staff and Equipment

Hammond Smeallie & Co Pty Ltd

Our present staff enables three survey parties to be continually engaged in the field with office support providing reduction and plotting of information, preparation of plans and reports together with necessary filing and accounting systems. All surveys are undertaken by experienced Registered Surveyors with competent support staff.

We use the latest reflector less total station instruments with on-board data recording and computer facilities in house for reduction and plotting of information. We have precision theodolites and automatic levels for use where required and our transport facilities include a 4WD dual cab vehicle for rural use and vans for metropolitan surveys.

Control Surveys

Like most similar survey organisations, we have been engaged in a large variety of surveys. We have undertaken surveys for both State and Commonwealth Governments and large private companies. Our experience extends to Control Surveys for mapping and large engineering works such as the Penrith Lakes Scheme, Transmission Line and Easement surveys for Pacific Power and extensive topographical surveys for the National Parks and Wildlife Service and Commonwealth Department of Administrative Services.

We have completed, under sub-contract, surveys of many Graincorp Silo complexes in inland New South Wales and have undertaken deformation surveys of buildings and heavy machinery installations for State Rail Authority and Alcan Pty. Ltd.

In 1994, we completed a major Control Survey in the Hornsby area for the purpose of connecting approximately 170 new State Survey Marks into the State Survey Control Network.

Cadastral Surveys

Hammond Smeallie & Co Pty Ltd

Our firm is constantly engaged in a variety of cadastral surveys, including Boundary surveys, Identification surveys, Metropolitan subdivisions, Strata subdivisions and Rural subdivisions. We have subdivided more than 120,000 hectares of rural land and surveyed some hundreds of kilometers of easements for gas pipelines, power lines and irrigation channels.

In 1992, our firm successfully completed a 220 hectare surround survey of the Lucas Heights Landfill Depot for Waste Recycling and Processing Service of NSW. Since that time, we have carried out numerous other surveys on behalf of Waste Service (NSW).

Engineering Surveys

We have recently completed an extensive rural subdivision containing over 7 kilometers of roads which have been surveyed, designed and supervised to completion. We have surveyed and designed subdivision roads in metropolitan subdivisions and undertaken engineering surveys for roads and stormwater reticulation re-design for Consulting Engineers. Setting out for commercial, industrial and domestic buildings has been undertaken, with large projects successfully completed in the Sydney Central Business District in 1996 and 1997 for Walkers Corporation and A.W.Edwards Pty. Ltd.

Topographical Surveys

Hammond Smeallie & Co Pty Ltd

All types of detail and level surveys are undertaken, from residential lots to broad acre rural properties. Field data is recorded and automatically reduced and plotted by computer. Final results can be supplied on disk in a form suitable for AUTOCAD or similar systems. Survey Control using GPS has been completed for extensive rural mapping projects.

We have completed extensive topographical surveys for WSN (Waste Service (NSW)) covering the Bare Creek Waste Disposal Depot at Belrose and Grange Avenue Depot at Marsden Park.

Some years ago we completed numerous centreline surveys for Pacific Power to facilitate the design of pole and tower positions for new transmission lines. These surveys were carried out in rural and metropolitan New South Wales.